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Baikal: the most beautiful frozen lake on this planet


Alexey Trofimov made these amazing photos of the frozen Baikal lake on Olkhon island in February 2014.

1. Ice wall
Baikal: the most beautiful frozen lake on this planet

2. Good morning, Uzury!

Uzury is the only village on Olkhon island.


4. Northwestern wind has started....

5.  Crossing

6. Crown of Baikal

7. Eternal magic of Tengri.
That's how Sarma (northwestern wind) starts to blow. Cold currents of wind cut into the clouds...

8. Music of shaman winds

9. Cape Burkhan and Shamanka rocks

10. The noon

11. Crack!!!

12. Ice desert

13. Farewell ray.




17. The gap

18. Cold February dawn


Source: alexphotograph.livejournal.com

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Wicca 2 July 14 18:44 I have been there in summer as a child and I have wonderful memories about it. But I still hope to get there in winter one day. My grandma used to tell me that the ice is so thick and clear, that you can stand on it and watch underwater life :) I guess it's a myth, but still ice of Baikal is a real wonder. Text hided expand
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