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    I have been there in summer as a child and I have wonderful memories about it. But I still hope to get there in winte...Baikal: the most beautiful frozen lake on this planet
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    IMHO, Sergiev Posad is the brightest city in Moscow oblast.Strolling Sergiev Posad
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    Thank you, Natalija! My pleasure :)Kolomna: nice architecture and delicious Russian "marshmallow"

Kolomna: nice architecture and delicious Russian "marshmallow"

2. Kremlin of Kolomna. It's interesting that on its territory there are ordinary residential buildings.

3. Nice combination of ancient and modern.


5. School.


7. Sculpture composition "The water carter".

8. Hotel on Moskva-river

9. President stayed in this hotel.  And me too :-)

10. Pleasure motor boat "Anna-Maria"

11.Boat tour by Moskva-river and Oka


13. "Oka-22" on Oka

14. Lenin of Kolomna.

15. Another monument of city architecture. "Outbuilding of Suranovs merchants manor. End of 18th century. Fragment of "face tier".

16. Museum of pastila (traditional Russian confectionery). Kolomna claims to be the birthplace of original "white-foam" pastila and maintains a museum dedicated to history and traditions of pastila production.

17. Kolomna-style tea time

18. Delicious ice-cream, made according to old recipes

19. Museum of pastila factory

20. Baths

21. Lazhechnikov street

22. Art yard

23. Images of old Kolomna


25. Churches of Kolomna kremlin



28. Residential houses within kremlin.

29. Plastic window frames in combination with carved aprons look quite ridiculous.

30. You can also find windows like this

31. and like this

32. and even like this.

33. In whole, Kolomna is very welcoming city.


Source: maneken-pis.livejournal.com

Translation: Russia the Beautiful

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