Russia the Beautiful

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Post-Soviet Construction Is Totally Weird And Futuristic [PHOTOS]

German photographer Frank Herfort became fascinated by the oddly futuristic buildings being built in Moscow shortly after he moved there in 2006. As he traveled through other parts of Russia and the surrounding countries, he noticed a similar desire to put the Soviet Union in the past by


American: Why I Fell in Love With Russia

Ryan Blue, an American who studied at Moscow State University, tells why he felt in love with Russia, and dispels a few myths about this country. Photo: Living in Russia I have been to Russia several times over the past 3 years.  Every time I have been, I fall in love with


25 places in Russia from UNESCO list

Russia is full of cultural and natural points of interest, but these places deserve your attention in the first place. Some of them are very popular, while others are not very well known even among Russians. Here are the places from the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia.   Moscow


The Expat's Moscow

What the capital city has in store for the inquisitive traveler? We reached out to Polly Barks, an American expat and writer stationed in Moscow. She spontaneously visited Russia during a year abroad; she now resides with her Russian hubby in the city she fell in love with. When Polly isn't


5 reasons to visit Russia in winter

Hong Kong blogger Betty Ho describes her risky experience of visiting Russia in the coldest time of year. She gives quite reasonable tips and shares some nice photos. General Winter is probably the most successful and brutal General in Russia History (or World History). Charles XII of Sweden,


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