Russia the Beautiful

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7 creepiest places in Russia

If you’re travelling off the beaten path and looking for a different kind of thrill, Russia has a fair share of spooky places. Abandoned Chamber in Chukhloma. Source: andrew_qzmn Abandoned Chambers in Chukhloma This abandoned chamber is located basically in the middle of nowhere, about 8 km from


10 Fascinating Views of Saint Petersburg

1. Epic sunset on Palace Square. Photo by binaryanimal 2. When the morning rises upon Neva. Photo by Ivan Smelov 3. The wathers. Photo by Ivan Turukhno 4. The flying dutchman. The Peter and Paul Fortress. Photo by xotaka 5. Church of Panteleymon, Pestel street. Photo by Eugene Yakushev. 6. White


Run through the streets of the Central district of Saint Petersburg

Want to have a look at Soviet homoerotic sculpture in the centre of Saint Petersburg? Eager to find out what is the Impotent Dream, to see the Elephant Upside Down and to know the mystery of the Invisible Man? Here is a story about an extremely varied walk through the streets of Saint Petersburg by


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