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  • Wicca
    I have been there in summer as a child and I have wonderful memories about it. But I still hope to get there in winte...Baikal: the most ...
  • Wicca
    IMHO, Sergiev Posad is the brightest city in Moscow oblast.Strolling Sergiev...
  • Wicca
    Thank you, Natalija! My pleasure :)Kolomna: nice arc...


Nuances of Russian Greeting 101 or how not to be a Человек с приветом

One of the first questions guests have when planning to go to Russia is how to say "Hello". Unhappily, the answer is "Здравствуйте" (pronounced... hmmm, something like Zdravst-voo-tye). The bold guest will make several brave attempts at popular pronunciation before asking the local, "Isn't thereЧитать далее

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